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SINUMERIK – CNC portfolio for the global world of machine tools

SINUMERIK CNC controllers provide the right solution for every machine concept – from basic CNC standard machines to standardized machine concepts through to modular premium machine concepts.

SINUMERIK 808D: The entry-level CNC for basic standard machines

The SINUMERIK 808D is a panel-based CNC controller for low-end applications. This compact and user-friendly entry-level solution is used for basic turning and milling applications.

SINUMERIK 828D and SINUMERIK 828D BASIC: The compact CNC for standardized machine concepts

SINUMERIK 828 controllers are optimally suited for standardized machine concepts which are manufactured with reduced modularity, in large quantities.

SINUMERIK 840D sl: The open CNC for modular machine concepts

The SINUMERIK 840D sl provides maximum openness and flexibility. This makes SINUMERIK 840D sl the ideal CNC for machines whose mechanical configuration shall be individually tailored to the needs stated by the user.

SINUMERIK 808 Overview of functions SINUMERIK 808D family


 Overview of functions SINUMERIK 828 with SINAMICS S120


Overview of functions SINUMERIK 840D sl Type 1B with SINAMICS S120

Download catalog

Catalog NC 81.1: Sinumerik 808 - Equipment for Machine Tools

Catalog NC 82-2014: SINUMERIK 828 Equipment for Machine Tools

Catalog NC 62-2012: SINUMERIK 840D sl Type 1B - Equipment for Machine Tools

Catalog NC 802D Sl-2008: SINUMERIK 802D sl

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